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Most Rev.Dr.M.Ezra Sargunam
ECI, Father Bishop
Emeritus Professor of Missions

M.A. (Fuller), B.D. (SSC),
D.D. (Linda Vista, California)

Welcome to Madras Theological Seminary & College, the mission – inspiring institute that introduced me to the basics of theology about sixty years ago You are fortunate to have many modern facilities today, which we did not have those days. You have chosen a Seminary that produces not just theologians, but missionaries, pioneer evangelists and passionate church planters.This Seminary was originally known as Madras Bible Seminary because the Bible is pivotal to this institution and is accorded primacy over speculative theologies. If you possess the zeal to know God by understanding the Bible, then this is the right Seminary for you. And if you have a genuine concern for the millions of souls perishing without Christ, there cannot be a better place to equip yourself for the ministry God has called you for.

Conversely, if you are coming to MTSC purely to pursue theological training, I would like to say in all fairness, we have much more to offer to you apart from theological training. Mere theological pursuit is not enough. As a matter of fact, the conventional theological training has been a big failure. Students of theology have a tendency to pursue further studies and then ultimately earn a doctorate. Producing mere academics is not our calling. Our training is holistic. If a student doesn’t learn practical evangelism and church planting in the seminary, he is not going to learn them out there in the field.

Christ said, “I will build my Church”. It is crucial that seminary training is geared towards producing more and more evangelists, pastors and church planters to build His Church. This is our special calling. If this is your calling too, you will feel at home. If mere theological pursuit is your calling, you will feel very much out of place at MTSC. We hope this will not be the case with you.

The Most Rev.Dr.D.Sundar Singh
Emeritus Professor of New Testament

M.A. (Madurai Kamaraj University),
M.Th.(Trinity Divinity),
D.Min.(Fuller, California)

Rev.Dr.Kingsley S.J.Ph.D
Board Chairman
Ph.D. (University of Madras)
B.D. (SSC)
Professor of Christian Ministry

Rev.Dr.J.A.David Onesimu
Principal / Christian Theology & Missions
M.A.(Annamalai),M.Th. (Gurukul – SSC),
Th.M.STU Korea. Ph.D.(ACTS – Korea)
Dip.in.Korean Language(Yon-Univ.Korea)

Rev. A. Jayakumar
Vice Principal
Lecturer in History of Christianity
M.Th. (Gurukul – SSC)

Rev. R. Salome Solomon
Lecturer in History of Christianity
M. Th. (Gurukul-SSC)